Our History

Maddox Ranch House got started the day Irv Maddox opened a seven stool counter on Main street in Brigham City, Utah during World War II. A welder friend fashioned a stove plate for an old coal oil burner, a used refrigerator was secured and Maddox was off and running. He asked Wilma Kotter to become his hostess. She did, and eventually became Mrs. Maddox.

A few years later, Irv, Wilma, and Gale Maddox opened a beautiful restaurant called the Double “J” on Harrison Boulevard in Ogden, Utah. Living in Brigham city and commuting daily to work in Ogden, they began to eye a piece of property in Perry, Utah. Because some folks thought the idea of a restaurant out in the “middle of nowhere” was crazy, they constructed a very small log cabin type of building built on skids so that it could be towed away if things didn’t work out. That was August of 1949 and it still sits on its original location.